The Delusional Bubble

HE: How do you know when you are in Love?


In Airlines

where Banyan tree vines push through

grey cement and tickle butts

SHE : Is it when large clumsy adorations

exit your mouth like loud burps

after a large meal?


In Chin Lung

Plastic skull like tables

under blue gloom tarpaulin

HE: Is it when tiny butterflies and dull moths

escape your lips

after crawling in your gut for an eternity?


On a Cold Bench

Beside bleating stuffed toy lambs

and broken-armed 5-year olds

SHE: Is it when being held

in arms scrawny and strong

is as good as a wooden cradle?


On a Futon

where a biscuit smelling back

is kissed with sour spit

SHE: Is it when sniffing his scent

on the space between his hungry lips

and bulbous nose makes you bite harder?


In Pecos

loud classic rock, head-spinning booms

he lays on her lap and kisses a finger

HE: Is it when my impatient heart

hungry as always

thumps in my head

but with your touch is quiet?


In an Ola Cab,

stuck in thick trickling traffic

a moan escapes her mouth

SHE: It’s when

after a night that feels like a place more than time

saying goodbye

is like the hard light of the morning.