Place: In a feedback circle

The women here are

unbelievably vibrant and profusely silent.


They tell tales of a unique moral geography;

where gods and ghosts

birds and animals

death and love

live together in a strange amity.


They trample on notions of

‘dignified suffering’ and ‘respectability.’

Their muses are queens who lust after their gods

(first a Lover then a god)



Their anecdotes are dotted with

characters who are by now

permanent citizens of my imagination;

the spineless father, the clueless boyfriend, (the secret girlfriend)

and the overbearing mother.


They stress and fret and giggle until

they create their elliptical language

for defining meaning without confining it,

for expressing what is possible before realising it.


They speak in tongues thick

with their language

and cut with the questions.